I. Maintenance/creation of employment in rural areas:

  1. Composition and activities of the on-farm and off-farm rural workforce.
  2. Trade-offs between technical progress and the maintenance of employment in agriculture and the agri-food sector.

II. The impact of CAP on agricultural and rural employment:

  1. Correlation of CAP expenditure with the development of agricultural and rural non-agricultural employment across the EU.
  2. Contribution of particular CAP measures having employment effect by modernising farms, setting up young farmers, and encouraging product value added and rural diversification, in particular MSs or regions (regional or sub-regional case studies are welcome).
  3. How the recently reformed CAP is addressing the issue of rural job creation compared to previous efforts, both in terms of more equal farm support through Pillar 1, and in terms of young farmers, short supply chains, farm modernisation and LEADER in Pillar 2.
  4. How further CAP reforms might address rural job creation, given socio-economic conditions in the later 2010s and beyond.

III. Methodological and data issues:

  1. Methodologies for measurement of job creation with regard to the CAP, e.g. gross versus net job creation, regional/national employment multipliers.
  2. Data sources (e.g. FADN, general EU employment and business datasets, AMADEUS) for analysis useful for investigating farm and rural employment patterns and trends. If such sources are likely to mislead, or contain gaps, what can be done to improve matters?