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The Centre of Policy Studies and Impact Project Australia, Monash University

in cooperation with IRWiR Polish Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce the upcoming:


Dynamic TERM Regional CGE Course

2-7 September 2013 in Warsaw



This one week intensive course will introduce participants to Dynamic TERM - a multiregional multiperiod CGE model of a single country - and provide them both with software - GEMPACK and RunDynam - used to solve equilibrium models and with extensive hands-on experience with modelling with use of them. The course is delivered by three experienced lecturers: Professor Mark Horridge - Director at the Centre of Policy Studies, Associate Professor Janin Dixon and Dr Louise Roos.

The price of the course includes Executable-Image version of the latest GEMPACK and RunDYnam software which will allow them to run dynamic TERM simulations on any modern Windows PC, and to construct and run their own models and a GEMPACK and RunDYnam two year licences for the above software.


Register by contacting: Katarzyna Droździel, Project Officer katarzyna.drozdziel@irwirpan.waw.pl
or course supervisor: Prof. nadzw. dr hab. Katarzyna Zawalinska, Deputy Director katarzyna.zawalinska@irwirpan.waw.pl
IRWiR Polish Academy of Sciences
Nowy Świat Str. 72, 00-330 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 22 6572 915, +48 22 6572 772, Fax: +48 22 6572 750

To secure your place at the training we recommend you early registration and payment - made 4 weeks in advance of the official deadline - August 15, 2013.


The price (including the newest version of GEMPACK and RunDynam) is 2300 EUR. A special discount is applied to groups of participants coming from the same institution and PhD students


If you need assistance in locating hotel accommodation in the region, please notify us at the time of booking.


The course is intensive, with fairly long work hours, and therefore all lunches during the training take place outside the course venue, in restaurants in the nearby Warsaw Old City district.

Outside the course hours, there will also be many activities scheduled for participants, taking advantage of Warsaw’s rich offerings of restaurants, concerts, exhibitions etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any other questions about the upcoming Dynamic TERM CGE modelling course.

You can download a course brochure, which contains all details, and contact points for enquiries. (pdf file)

We will be happy to assist you with all the arrangements and hope to see you soon in Warsaw!