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Scientific Editor Andrzej Rosner

Globalization and Rural Development: Chinese and Central European Perspectives

(Globalizacja i rozwój obszarów wiejskich z perspektywy Chin i krajów Europy Środkowej)

Warszawa 2009, 232 s., rys., mapy.
Wydawca: Instytut Rozwoju Wsi i Rolnictwa Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Instytut Rozwoju Wsi Chińskiej Akademii Nauk Społecznych w Pekinie
ISBN 83-89900-30-0


  • From the Editor (Andrzej Rosner)
  • Introduction (Zhang Xiaoshan)
  • Disparities in Socio-Economic Development of Rural Areas in Poland vis-a-vis Transformation Dynamics in the Pre-Accession Period (Krystian Heffner and Andrzej Rosner)
  • New-Town Policy and New-Town Development in China (Tan Xuewen)
  • Agricultural Transition and Rural Development. Some Experiences of Hungary (Ivan Benet)
  • Changes in the Education System. Educational Behaviour of Young Rural People (Krystyna Szafraniec)
  • Land Right and Village-governance: an Example of Land Reserve System in Nanhai of South China's Guangdong Province (Lu Lei)
  • Between the City and the Countryside: Transformation from the Research Perspective of Social Anthropology (Mirosława Drozd-Piasecka)
  • The Status Quo and Reform of the Public Agro-technical Extension System: Case Studies of Heilongjiang and Jilin Provinces (Yuan Peng)
  • On the Standardized Development of Specialized Farmer Cooperatives (Jiao Shoutian)
  • Lessons Learned From Some Evaluations of Rural Development Programmes in Poland (Katarzyna Zawalińska)
  • The Self-Governance Practice in 37 Chinese Villages and Reform Implications (Feng Xingyuan and Li Renqing)
  • Rural Poverty in Poland - Scale of the Problem, Reductional Factors, Groups of Risk (Sylwia Michalska)
  • A Study of Tourism Impacts on Rural China and Farmers (Cao Jianhua)
  • Local Initiatives for Rural Development in Poland (Marta Błąd, Ryszard Kamiński)
  • A Survey of the Projects Launched by Central Government Departments in the Name of Building a New Socialist Countryside (Dang Guoying)